(aka: Your First Network.)

This lab has two parts:

1. In Part 1, you’re asked to work with pen and paper to derive a number of key functional models and then to linearize them. This part of the lab prepares you for the second part, but it has also been designed to help you succeed on your related quiz. You will submit this work on Google Drive.

2. In Part 2, you’re asked to begin creating a C++ library (again using the Eigen matrix template library) that you’ll be able to use to carry out some basic network tasks in this and future labs. The focus for this lab is on using the linear models developed in Part 1 to develop the model for a simple network. You’ll create a Windows-based console application in C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio to demonstrate that you can code the linear observation equations and get the right output for a given set of data.

These two parts are described in the lessons below.

Why this lab?

The lab has three goals:

1. To help you work through and deeply understand some key functional models and how they are linearized. These include:

  • Distance
  • Trilateration
  • Azimuth
  • Angle
  • Intersection

2. To help you turn the observation equations for these situations into a practical application

3. To help you succeed at your first quiz, which may also cover the same topics


The due dates for this work are outlined on our course page.


Detailed rubrics will be handed out and discussed in class.