Assessment Progress:

The following are some recommended self-assessment questions for the lesson called How do we linearize?:

Question 1:

Generally speaking when linearizing a model, why is it so important that our initial approximates, x_0, are sufficiently close to the unknown quantities, x? Can you explain this using the theorem we discussed in class?

Question 2:

What do you think would happen, e.g. in a least square adjustment, if x_0 were not close enough to x? Try to support your answer with a thoughtful analysis based on what we discussed in this topic.

Question 3:

Your phone is remarkably good at navigating while you drive your car (better than most geodetic-grade receivers were 20-25 years ago). How do you think your phone gets and uses the approximate values it uses in its estimation procedures? If you’ve taken a course in least squares adjustments before then try to be sophisticated in this response.